Jennifer Hudson Weight Loss Story

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The Jennifer Hudson weight loss story is certainly a story that will go down in celebrity history. Jennifer was originally 240 pounds after giving birth, which made her gain an additional 35 pounds. Jennifer decided that she did not want to be overweight any longer, and that it was time to cut back a few pounds and lose weight.


When Jennifer first joined weight watchers, she did not correctly follow what they had told her and actually ended up gaining weight. After a while, Jennifer started to follow weight watchers guide lines and successfully managed to lose an amazing 80 pounds in total!

Jennifer stated that weight watchers had taught her a whole new healthy lifestyle which helps you maintain health and lose weight. She even stated that she got 75 members of her family and freinds to follow the weight watchers programme and said they lost a whopping total of 2,000 pounds all together.

Jennifer Hudson weight loss diet
Jennifer stated that her weight loss diet was very strict. no carbohydrate and calorie resitricted (1500-1700 calories - no fried food) with lots of physical exercise such as running and swimming.

Jennifers weight loss day sample  -
  • One slice of wholemeal bread (brown) one boiled egg, some fruit and a cup of coffee
  • Nuts, cheese and fruit
  • Chicken and pasta with tomatoes
  • Mackerel or Sardines with a yoghurt

Jennifers exercise routine
  • 30 mins - 1 hour walking every day
  • Gym every other day (weight training)
Jennifer includes a special exercise in her routine known as "trilogy", which involves performing 20 squats, 20 press ups and 20 crunches with 1 minute rest, followed by another set. She would continue this for a total of 15 minutes for maximum burn and weight loss results.

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The ultimate Jennifer Hudson weight loss tips
  • Consume less calories and excercise more so that your body is burning more calories than you are taking in each day. This will force the body to use fat stores for the extra calories that it requires.
  • Drink plenty of water - Recommended that you drink atleast 4 litres of water per day for adequate hydration, preferably spring water.
  • Eat healthy foods - By eating healthier as well as consuming less calories, you will provide the body with beneficial nutrients that it requires. Protein, Carbohydrate, Fat and Vitamins + Minerals. Your body needs protein for repairing damaged cells such as muscle cells which are damaged during excercise and weight training. Your body requires carbohydrate to help the brain function correctly, keep energy levels steady and help with the transportation of protein around the muscles. Your body needs fat for healthy hormone production, brain function, heart health and the transportation of vitamins around the body. Your body needs vitamins and minerals for many different purposes such as the energy release, transportation of other nutrients around the body, such as protein and maintaining general health, keeping the eyes healthy, bones healthy, brain healthy and a number of other things healthy.
  • Exercise - By exercising you force the body to use more calories than normal due to the excess movement that you are performing. It is recommended that if you are a beginner to exericse, you start  at a moderate pace to avoid injury. Start by going on power walks and then increase your pace when you feel comfortable with doing so.
  •  Increase muscle mass - Increasing muscle mass increases your metabolic rate, which means that you will burn more calories each day just to keep the body stable. It is recommended that you train with heavy weights and perform a full body workout twice per week.

Remember, Jennifer Hudson was very motivated and dedicated to her weight loss programme. If you lack either of these i am afraid weight loss will not work for you.